Stevie D.

Stevie is a Commercial Beauty and Fashion Photographer based in Houston, TX. Beauty has always been Stevie's favorite genres of photography to shoot and he prides himself on delivering stunning clean images to his clients. He enjoys the creative process like no other and manages to always remember that the small details is what matters.

Stevie has been published numerous times in print magazines including Ellements, IMirage Latest, Elegant, Pump, Feroce, 7 Hues, Surreal, and many others. 

His commercial work can be seen in places like Walgreens, General Mills, Cy-Fair Animal Hospital, and many more. In addition, Stevie has shot fashion catalogs for an abundance of local and national boutiques.

In his spare time he likes to relax with his family, friends, and enjoys reading books on art. He is a lover of the Impressionist period and Claude Monet is his biggest inspiration. 

Stevie is also a photography instructor, teaching proper lighting techniques is his favorite topic to teach. He is also the owner of  Vision Light Studios in Houston, TX. 

Insight Interview of Stevie with Lorenzo P. 


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